About us

Our vision and values

Mulberry International B.V. (“Mulberry”) is privately owned modern company that as a licensed gatekeeper renders trusted fiduciary services in The Netherlands.

Our business objective is to service, guard and protect the interests of two stakeholders; (1) our clients and (2) the Dutch financial system. This explains our corporate strategy which basically rules us to: (1) maximize of clients’ satisfaction and (2) minimize of integrity risks.

For that purpose our staff solely consists of highly experienced and autonomously acting account managers and as a principle we do not operate junior or medior staff. Although Mulberry is ‘in the luxury segment’, we are and so pre-eminently suited to servicing the high end-of clientele against better efficiency ratio in both handling and costs.

Observation to this principal rule is key to a trusted and firm relationship with our clients which we consider and treat as partners rather than profit centres. Mulberry attaches great importance to personal contact and short lines of communication. Moreover our modus operandi assures full compliance in regulatory matters which is to the benefit of all.

Mulberry may accept new clients only upon introduction by reference.


Mulberry as an enterprise today is actually a continuation of the De Jong family owned steward’s office with a tradition that goes back into the 17th century. The steward’s office provided asset protection in the Manor of Vianen that was embedded by The Dutch Republic and a favourable jurisdiction for particularly Amsterdam regents including the Trip’s.

As an exclusive brand Mulberry as a legal entity was incorporated in 1976 by Pierson, Heldring & Pierson, a private bank which became part of nowadays ABN AMRO Bank and directed initially by Mr Dirk Langelaar and from 1983 also by Mr. Frank D. Taylor.

Fully independent

Being a fully independent company, we are able to work on an objective manner with all external service providers which suits the needs of our clients. We have a network of advisors from the big four tax and law firms as well as a range of lesser-known but high skilled professionals that may be more appropriate for some clients.

In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact us.