Mulberry International

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Our vision and values

Mulberry International B.V. (“Mulberry”) is privately owned modern company that as a licensed gatekeeper renders trusted fiduciary services in The Netherlands.

Our business objective is to service, guard and protect the interests of two stakeholders; (1) our clients and (2) the Dutch financial system. This explains our corporate strategy which basically rules us to: (1) maximize of clients’ satisfaction and (2) minimize of integrity risks.


“A mulberry does not bud until frost is past, and so they symbolize calculated patience.”


Mulberry offers a full range of the services required to support companies and other entities in an international context, whether they be

  • international (group) holding, licensing and financing activities
  • investment structures
  • operational activities where clients choose to conduct their business through the Netherlands with or without their own premises often in their start-up phase.

Services include:

  • provision of a registered address/domiciliation
  • company administration
  • management
  • payroll administration
  • provision of staff
  • accounting
  • other fiduciary services


Mulberry’s internationally orientated employees are all fluent in English and Dutch and have backgrounds in accounting, economics or law, combined with at least 5 years of corporate services experience. Some staff have further language abilities including French, German, Turkish, Hindi, Spanish, Kazakh and Russian.

Mulberry International B.V.

Museumlaan 2
3581 HK Utrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 88 909 9999